Specialised and reliable Labour Supply by Construction and Trade Recruitment Agency Cambridge.


We provide skilled additional pairs of hands you need in a flexible manner, just as you desire. 





Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for more information.
A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

We are a professional staffing agency with +10 years of experience. 

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Construction and Trade Recruitment Cambridge

We can provide you with the experienced and trained workers, ready for work on the various building sites.

We are here to make an impact on the construction industry.

Our Solution your Benefit

Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for more information. A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

Labour Supply and Staffing Cambridge

Construction and Trade recruitment Cambridge, as a professional company we are committed to long term growth.

Construction and Trade Recruitment Cambridge

The Easiest Ways to Find Temporary Workers

If you’re running a business and need employees for

short-term work or in case of emergencies, temporary

workers are exactly what you need.

Temporary employees allow you to complete one-off

projects, unexpected circumstances or just an additional

job you have taken on.


Construction and Trade Recruitment – Our service will also help you in a situation when you need to quickly find a replacement for an employee who has left. Once your project has finished and you don’t need any extra workers, you won’t have the necessity to lay someone off. Our structure is time and cost efficient for you !
Contact us – Trade Recruitment Cambridge for more information in this matter. 

So when you need to find, hire, train labourers quickly, you might have a tough time finding someone suitable for this position. In addition, hiring the wrong person can lead to increased risks and costs and as a result reduce productivity.

Therefore, it is not advisable to rush under and be under pressure to hire suitable workers.
Instead when you need to hire labourers—whether temporary or permanent—consider the engagement of the Construction and Trade Recruitment Agency.

It might be your secret key, not only for filling those job positions in a timely manner, but also for filling them with the right workers.
Here are some of the reasons why engaging Trade and Construction Recruitment specialists is beneficial for your company.




Engaging a Niche Agency for More Qualified Workers.

A niche Trade Recruitment specialists are specialized in a niche, which works within a specific industry and hires for a special positions.

Engaging a niche firm, one that is dedicated to the building and construction and industrial fields, you directly gain from the firm’s know how and you have simplified access to a whole wealth of qualified workers.

Construction and Trade Recruitment Agency can ultimately save you time and money.

Specifically, the Trade Recruitment recruiters (not yours) will be dedicated to finding and recruiting ideal candidates for you. Managers and Secretaries simply don’t have time, on top of their other daily tasks, especially in the high seasons.

Consequently, You won’t have to write engaging job descriptions, find the channels to post your job advertisements on, evaluate incoming CV’s, interview each candidate, perform background checks and train newcomers.
To fill just one position, and the following process usually takes longer than a month – this time could be spent on strictly revenue-generating activities or more strategic business decisions which can benefit you in the long run.

There is no need to mention that bad hiring decisions, inevitably increase your costs.


The Construction and Trade Agency have the experience in matching Labourers to the customers needs.
On the other hand, the Workers are known to the agency and have the skills needed to handle laborious tasks.


Therefore, by requesting a service of Construction and Trade Recruitment Agency – jobs in Cambridge, whether you need General Labourers, Landscapers, Carpenters, Ground workers, Machine operatives (360 drivers, Dumper drivers), Painters and Decorators, Plasterers, Dry liners, Electricians or Bricklayers, you’ll be greeted with a long list of potential candidates to fulfil the roles.


Invariably you will get Candidates who are suitable for the

exact role you have vacancies for and perfect for your

unique needs.

Construction and Trade Recruitment Cambridge – we are here to help !



Construction and Trade Recruitment objective, will be to ensure that necessary procedures will be carried out smoothly to maximize efficiency and your profits.


You will never need to lower your standards because of time pressure or just because you aren’t being shown any applicants without the necessary qualifications. The quality matters for your Customers and the final outcome reflects on your future earnings, we understand it very well !


Qualified candidates significantly reduce your company’s risks and ensure optimal productivity, from the day you decide to go for this tried and tested solution chosen by many successful companies.


Valuable Industry Insights Will Result in Better Workers – no more disappointments after long and sometimes bad hiring decisions.



Every delay costs you money – Enjoy the Benefits of Faster Hiring

A Construction and Trade Recruitment – Jobs in Cambridge, can help you hire labourers quickly and efficiently.
You won’t have to start the process of hiring from scratch.

We already have pre-screened and pre-approved candidates.


Our recruiting consultants are already successful with solidifying relationships with A players in this industry.

True to the saying many hands make light work, in a matter of days, or sometimes, hours you can get experienced workers in a flash.




What are the upsides of unfilled Labour positions?

Strictly speaking, productivity suffers.
In addition, you could also end up overworking your current employees, which can lead directly to burnouts, stress, loss of production and higher overtime costs.


Recruiting extra workers need to be met without delay. As the hiring process is quite time consuming and usually busy managers and secretaries have a full schedule, it is better to cut your losses and get qualified personnel right way.

At the end of this vicious circle, every day that you lose costs you some form of money and loss of satisfaction to your clients.

Nowadays our market is demanding, competing with large international corporations is does not allow for imperfections and delays. Choose tested solutions.

Don’t Waste Time on In-Depth Training for new or temporary employees. 
Hiring through a Trade Recruitment Agency – Jobs in Cambridge allow you to eliminate the need for in-depth training of new staff, which means you will not have to compromise between time, costs and productivity.

Our recruiting Consultants will only offer you possible candidates who already know what they’re doing, which simplifies on-boarding.




You’ll be able to benefit from their industrial knowledge, higher productivity and finally less wasted time when you need it for actual work, getting your tasks done and satisfying those who entrusted you their projects.


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