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Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for tailored made solution.
A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

Available: Plasterers in Cambridge

General Labourers, Landscapers, Carpenters, Ground workers, Machine operatives (360 drivers, Dumper drivers), Painters & Decorators, Electricians, Bricklayers, Dryliners, Elecricians & More.

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Plasterers in Cambridge - Are you looking for Plasterers to join your team ?

We can provide you with the experienced and trained workforce, our Plasterers are ready for work on various construction sites.

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Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for more information. A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

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Construction Recruitment Agency Cambridge as a professional company is committed to long term growth. We are here to help the construction industry.

Plasterers in Cambridge – Available

Are you looking for Plasterers to join

your team?

Plasterers in Cambridge are available.

Jobs in Cambridge – Recruitment for

Trade specialises in the supply of skilled

Tradesman and Labourers.

Workers for any construction job.

Plasterers in Cambridge.

Plasterers are responsible for all the tasks necessary to apply plaster to surfaces. Plasterers may also specialize in applying the finish or rough coats of paint or other specialities.

What you should include in a plasterer’s job description?

Your ideal candidate will understand blueprints and technical plans so that the plaster is applied as intended.
Other responsibilities include good time management and a thorough understanding of the construction site worked on and special demands of the surfaces as applicable.

It is also crucial for plasterers to identify potential problems so the materials are applied correctly at the first attempt. Additionally, as plasterers mix the necessary ingredients together, a good eye for detail and a steady hand are of utmost importance.

As the need may be the surfaces should be protected, to ensure that doors and windows are not damaged by the mortar and erect the scaffolding when working on ceilings. 

Job Skills & Qualifications – there are few crucial elements that one may look into:

Familiarity erecting scaffolding and working with special tools
Hands on approach and high range of mobility to apply plaster in all necessary areas. Teamwork and ability to achieve flawless results. Moreover experience with dealing with tight deadlines is also important.



Contact us – Jobs in Cambridge, whatever your company is looking for;

Plasterers, Bricklayers, Electricians, Dryliners, General Labourers, Painters and Decorators, Machine operatives; 360 drivers, Dumper drivers, Landscapers, Carpenters, Ground workers.


Flexible Labouring solutions by Construction Recruitment Cambridge !


Tasks of Plasterers include:

  • Reading and working from plans or oral specifications

  • Application of layers of plaster to interior walls, ceilings and partitions of buildings, to produce a finished surface
  • Understanding which materials are best for different types of buildings; new constructions, historic buildings or industrial
  • Plasterers also prepare the walls and ceilings for stucco and cement by cleaning and taping also including fixing any holes or cracks
  • Constructing scaffolding so that plaster can be applied to hard-to-reach places and re-position it as necessary
  • Plasterers need to be using hand tools and various portable power tools
  • Mixing plaster to the desired consistency and to erect scaffolding
  • Spreading plaster over lath or masonry base
  • Smoothing plaster with darby and float to attain required thickness
  • Plasterers apply scratch, brown, or finish coats of plaster to wood, board lath or metal
  • Roughening undercoat with scratcher to provide a bond prior to the application of the plaster
  • Moreover creating decorative textures, re-creation of original designs when necessary
  • Plasterers may install guide wires on exterior surface of buildings to indicate the thickness of plaster to be applied 
  • Double checking for blemishes and perform touch ups if needed
  • Plasterers may perform maintenance work or be separated by specialization; Spray Guns Plasterers, Plasterers – Finish; Plasterers, Rough, modifications when necessary ensuring the new plaster matches the consistency and texture of the existing structure 
  • Removing tools and scaffolding from the job site to ensure that cleanliness standards are maintained at the end of the shift.


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